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    I noticed my exchange accounts had stopped updating. Vodafone advised deleting the exchange account and recreating. However i cannot recreate the accounts

    I go settings/accounts/add account/microsoft exchange. enter email address and password. Hit next

    However this looks wrong as pretty sure the server should be outlook.office365.com but it has put companyxyz.com. Retrieving account information then fails with error unable to connect to server. Change server to above same problem. I've done twenty times and occasionally it adds the account, but the account doesn't actually work.

    I have a second outlook account with slightly different error. This account is my own domain hosted by another provider and forwarded to exchange. Again it puts my domain name in server instead of outlook... The error this time is "the name on the site does not match the name on the certificate"? Continue just fails

    My wife has the same phone and address on the same home domain and has ungraded and no problem. Any suggestions really appreciated as now have no calendar or contacts let alone email. Seems that a factory reset is a bit drastic

    05-11-2016 09:40 AM

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