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    It is the first time I am posting here! I badly need help on my phone which I think has dead but as it can still switch on, there is a hope it is still in a COMA state, maybe enjoying a near-death situation in a tunnel of light.

    So, his name is Y320, from the Huawei family. I was on WhatsApp, and suddenly, I started getting some weird notifications like com.google.process stopped working. When I clicked "OK", I got more, GMAIL, Amazon, Picassa, well, mostly everything stopped processing.

    I kept tapping on "OK" but it was so annoying that I decided to do a reset (Cardiac massage). After successfully tapping on "OK" to reach the Factory Reset option on Settings, I finally managed to get it reset.

    To my utter amazement, I found the droid icon with a red exclamation mark on it, belly opened, seemed a totally in a dying state. Here is a screenshot: https://i.imgsafe.org/ec145cf.jpg

    After one minute maybe, the phone restarted but nothing has been reset. I tried to download ROM Manager to wipe out the whole hone but in vain as after some seconds, I started getting the annoying notifications that all processes stopped, thus, Play Store App could not work no download.

    Then, I powered off the phone. Removed the battery like a boss, went to the pee, then came back, put back battery, pressed Power and Volume Up to enter the Recovery Mode. After I selected the Recovery Mode, I thought I would get the Wipe option but in vain, I got the droid icon with the red exclamation mark again.

    I could not wipe, the phone restarted and nothing changed. Finally, I tried to boot on Safe Mode, still the same.

    So, here are my questions:

    1/ What is really wrong on this damn phone?
    2/ How can I make sure I successfully format it?
    3/ A friend of mine said to me it can be an issue with eMMC, but I have searched on the web and did not get any notification or error message related to eMMC. It can be it?
    4/ Is there a tool where I can install on my computer to format it? I tried to transfer the ROM Manager app from my PC to it, but it did not copy even it detected the USB Storage.

    Please help! Thank you very much...
    05-12-2016 03:33 AM

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