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    My Galaxy s6 started telling me I couldn't use any apps because it was overheating yesterday. I was only using pandora and a GPS tracker for my hike. So I shut it down for a few hours then put it on my car's ac when I got back and it was still doing it. It was literally cold to the touch. So I shut it off overnight after wiping the cache trying safe mode all the stuff in the forums. (I'm not master resetting it, I'd rather go throw it through a window at the samsung factory). IT STILL DOES IT! IT'S NOT HOT! IT CAN'T POSSIBLY BE OVERHEATING!!!!! It won't charge it will only let me use the phone and contacts not even settings. How can this even happen to a modern phone? It's barely 7 months old I'm not playing these games this is completely unacceptable. Is there a way to override since it's NOT HOT?????

    Thanks in advance. I'm not mad at you only this ridiculous device that was solid (aside from that Gear VR bs) until now.

    Thanks Samsung!
    05-13-2016 12:26 PM

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