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    Hello and thank you for taking my question ...I have a Samsun Galaxy S6 Android phone...my phone will not stay on more than 30 seconds before it turns off saying its overheating , I feel asleep with the phone hooked up to the charger when I work up I went to grab it and spilled some of my night table water on it by accident , not much but it's now not working at all even when it's on for those 30 seconds before it automatically shuts off because of the heating issue , the back and file buttons do not work ..everything shuts down. I uninstalled 4 games and went to save mode to clear the cashe partition but nothing seems to work. I unplugged it from the charger and put the phone next to a portable fan to cool off but still would not work . I don't know if it's the battery that may have blown out or if it got wet or overheated too much since I fell asleep on top of it and then the shock of getting went may have blown the battery. I do not have any rice in the house but some dry oatmeal ...was wondering it putting it in a bag with that would dry it up ? Please help I lost my job and this phone was given to me by my brother , I desperately need this phone which is the only one I have and use for going to the doctor. Thank you and God bless
    05-13-2016 01:41 PM

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