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    Hi Android friends,

    Hopefully somebody can help me with a littlbit more knowledge about restoring a HTC One M7.
    It's driving me nuts for the last couple of days.

    The HTC One is stuck on Android 5.01 and it doesn't get an update to Marsmallow so i tought to upgrade the phone with Root/CM13 adn messed up my phone.

    What i did was following these steps: (link not allowed)
    After following these steps the bootloader was unlocked succesfully and installed twrp and SuperSu version v 1.65.
    After restarting the phone i had an error message that SuperSu stopped working and the phone freezes.
    After another reboot i've got the same error message but the phone was working ok, still on the original HTC Rom.
    To get rid of the error message i thought it was agood idea to put a newer version of SuperSu on the Phone and flashed it whit version v 2.46.zip.
    After that the phone restarts and keeps loading the HTC screen for hours(without restarting)
    Since that moment i tried some things to get it fixed but unfortunaly with no result.
    What i tried after:
    - Clear cache (in twrp and with ADB
    - Relock the bootloader
    - 2 attempts with a RUU file from the HTC site. (signature error and version error)
    - Restore with fastboot-signature failure.

    I'm not a hero with progamming but maybe with some help we can save my phone.
    If you have any idea how to get my phone working please feel free to share your knowledge.
    05-13-2016 06:39 PM

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