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    So I accidentally murdered my Note5 by dropping it face down in the driveway (not entirely my bad, boyfriend scared me by starting our lawn mower) and rendered it entirely useless. Broken through the TPU case and tempered glass screen protector. Face down drops = bad news.

    I've gotten my new Note5, but I was so flustered by the incident that I hurriedly activated the new one before I even thought to see if I could get my files off the old one. I think I assumed that I'd be able to transfer files that had been "backed up," but in the Back Up & Restore section of my settings, it only tells me that things are being backed up through google to one of my email addresses, but doesn't tell me how to restore anything or how to get my things back.

    I read somewhere that I could use Samsung's FInd My Mobile feature, but the link didn't work, and I am actually unsure if the broken Note5 still registers as "My Mobile" since it's now both broken AND deactivated.

    Any advice or tools I can use before I send this broken one back to the insurance folks? I have loads of pictures on there I would have loved to save.
    05-13-2016 08:23 PM

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