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    I just have an issued regarding my Youtube app 2 days ago. At first, the youtube app says "please check your network connection". Somehow, I just went to Google Play store and noticed that Google Play wasn't working as well, it says " Google Play authentication is required" error. My first thought was definitely there's some problems with Google Play that leads to the other Youtube problem. Went and search some solutions and one of the is removing my Google account. So I did hoping everything will went well. Unfortunately, when I tried to sign in back my Google account, it got stuck on the signing in part...literally for 30 minutes. Obviously something is not right. My wifi was in a strong connection too..I'm able to go to Facebook and other online games through my phone without any problems. So, the problem wasn't on the wifi part.

    I tried:-
    - rebooting my phone (at least 10 times after the other process)
    - rebooting my wifi router
    - enable/disable airplane mode
    - enable/disable wifi
    - deleting the hosts file using root browser
    - delete some of my newest app I just downloaded previously
    - removing data and cache on both apps
    - changing the time and date of my phones to the right one but my phone's time and date was right (checked them like a thousand times) because it uses automatic date and time through network. I even set them to manual mode.

    Literally every solutions I can find through the internet, I did it all
    But still...none of them seems to be the solution to my problems...
    This is my first time here, so please help me to understand the problems and how to solve them!

    Your help will be greatly appreciated THANKS!
    05-15-2016 02:13 AM

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