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    I recently sold my HTC One A9 to a mutual friend. It had been upgraded to Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 so I was using the HTC on that for a while. Before I sold it, I did around 3 factory resets to ensure none of my pictures and other data was recoverable.

    However, I'm googling around today (as I'm quite paranoid) and I'm finding articles and forum posts on how a factory reset doesn't completely wipe all the data on the phone - it is still recoverable? I also found another article saying that you should encrypt your device before factory resetting it in order to delete all data.

    I didn't manually add a form of encryption however I do remember that the Marshmallow update had installed some sort of 'Encrypt your device' thing every time I restarted my HTC.

    Basically I just want to know if this automatic encryption step really helped in deleting all the data before I sold it. I'm sorry if I come across as stupid, I don't really know how encryption works.

    Any replies would be appreciated.
    05-15-2016 10:46 AM
  2. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    Thar data is only recoverable for a short amount of time. That deleted data gets over written. You will be fine.
    05-15-2016 11:31 AM

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