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    Hey everyone,

    hopefully someone out there can help me as i am at the end of my tether. So basically my standard Note 4 that i have had for around a year now started slowing down, crashing, turning itself off, rebooting ect. Then towards the final days before its complete death it would only turn on in "Kernel Panic mode" and if anything else i would occasionally get "cannot boot normally, attempting to download, do not turn off" but nothing happens AT ALL.

    So now The Note 4 won't even turn on, AT ALL! when plugged into the charger absolutely nothing happen. If i plug the cable into my laptop i get the connect notification sound and if i disconnect the disconnection sound. however, when connected i do not "see" anything connected to my laptop. I cannot turn it on when connected to the laptop either.

    I have tried charging for considerable lengths of time to no avail, tried holding down the power button for considerable lengths of time to no avail. I also factory resetted it several times before it completely died and again to no avail.

    it is still under samsung warranty, runs out in NOV 2016, samsung sent it to their repair centre in England(complete waste of time and from internet reviews a complete shambles of a company). on day one of getting my Note i did drop it from a small height and i have a crack in the top right corner of the screen, about 5mm in size. They blamed the whole problem on a broken screen, claiming the phone is fine. I know this is not the case as if so the computer would still recognize it, it would vibrate when plugged into a charger and also when turned on. Ive taken it to a local repair shop and they tried to blame the screen also and charge me £162. he plugged it into the computer and the connection noise happened, he said "see it is the screen, the phone is connected, see" i tried to explain to him if that was the case he could hit the power button and it should do a single vibrate signalling the phone was booting up and it never. he did not understand and kept blaming the screen. useless.

    i have also tried another battery in the shop and it did nothing.

    i want to go to the samsung repair centre in person but it is over 250miles away.

    any help would be great, ive tried everything it seems.

    i believe it to be a complete failure of the software or something, or at least it seems that way.
    05-15-2016 11:59 AM
  2. vulcan_x's Avatar
    Did you get this sorted out? I've been having virtually the exact same problem as you except mine is out of warranty and I need it to last another month.
    08-12-2016 03:46 PM

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