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    So i started woking at Bosch Car Service and i'm dealing with cars which has technical failures and i can point them out easly, while patheticly i cannot solve a simply android issue. How pathetic is this?... Once you recover it to it's factory settings, 'market' appears instead of Play Store. I runned Market and created an account and accepted terms&service. Right after that another message pops up about market and i press home then wait for 2-3 minutes then Play Store appears. Well after i download 'Youtube' from play store, i head to head with a message that says 'you need Google Play Service to run Youtube' when i press the message it redirects me to Play Store as Google Play Service app is ready for download. After i download it, i face an error just right when it finished downloading and started installing which says "Incompatible with other applications(s) using the same shared user ID and this is pretty much it. What do i need to do, to run Youtube and stuff?! For real guys i deal with huge-*** cars and i can't deal with this. It'll be a shame for life for me if i wont solve this.. HELP ME!'
    05-15-2016 02:17 PM

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