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    Just this morning I noticed my internal storage was full (my email app wouldn't pull down new messages due to lack of memory. My usual MO is to go into Application Manager and move all the apps I can to my sd card since updates will cause them to be installed to device memory. I also went ahead and cleared the cashe while I was at it.

    After doing so I noticed all the apps I moved just this morning had the wrong icon on the home screen and in the app drawer. (It shows the little android droid and an "sd" in the corner). When I try to launch the app I get an error that the app isn't installed and the play store launches so i can down loaded it. I tried (not necessarily in this order I don't recall exactly how I went about this) resetting the phone, fully power cycling the phone (including pulling the battery for a few minutes and then putting it back), mounting and remounting the sd card and a few other things along these lines.

    I did try re downloading an app and it works fine right after install, but when I move it back to the sd card I'm right back where I started.

    Oh and the app names in the Application manager look odd. For example instead of just "Facebook" I have "com.facebook/katana", or instead of :Pandora" I have "com.pandora.android" and so on.

    Anyone know what I may have done to durp up my phone?
    05-16-2016 11:24 AM

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