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    Hello everyone. For some reason, I have noticed that my phone's screen has randomly started waking up whenever I get a notification. Typically from twitter, email, snapchat, etc. I use Textra for my messaging app, so I can toggle this option in the app's settings. If I turn it off, then it successfully does not wake the screen when I get a text specifically. I updated to 6.0.1 but I'm almost positive it didn't start doing this immediately after doing so. I know for a fact that my phone hasn't always done this when I first got it last April. I rely on the LED light and that's enough for me. I've been having terrible battery life and I know this isn't helping. I still want to get notifications though so I don't wish to turn them off completely. This is really starting to bother me and I'm not sure how to fix it. Does this have something to do with Verizon? My friend who has the same phone, is also on 6.0.1, but is under T-Mobile, claims she doesn't have this problem besides with snapchat and her text messages. I'd rather not install an additional app to fix it because I feel like I must have messed with some type of setting if it wasn't always doing this since the beginning of owning this phone. Last case scenario I will do a factory reset.
    05-16-2016 11:32 AM

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