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    It doesn't end call, annoying as that might be, this is somehow worse, as the call almost immediately goes quiet, giving you enough time to pull your phone out of your pocket and turn the screen back on in hopes you'll still be on the call.

    It doesn't do this "sometimes", it does it every single time, without fail, since the update.

    Now the only other internet related problem I've found is that, specifically during calls, using my home Wifi is more likely to cut off if the phone is in your pocket (Screen not locked as that would end the call for sure), and using the 4G LTE has a better chance of working.

    HOWEVER, in home using a speed test on my phone using the mobile Ookla speedtest app, the 4G has a Ping of 264, down of 4.54mbps, up of 10.77mbps.
    Using my home wifi doing the speedtest, Ping 15, down 171.43mbps, up 24.48mbps

    That is a drastic speed difference. Live streaming Twitch, downloading apps and updates, watching Youtube, all no problem, works smoothly. Making a Skype call or a WiFi calling phone call, its iffy at best. Whats the deal with this, and how do I fix it?

    I saw someone suggest clearly the cache would help (Volume up, power, home) but that didnt seem to do anything at all.
    05-16-2016 07:23 PM

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