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    So I have been having this problem with my s6 for awhile and I can't figure out what is the cause. Randomly several times a day, when I try to unlock my lockscreen with my password the phone sort of locks up and stop typing in the rest of the password, stutters/lags and turn the screen off. I can turn the screen back on once Ipress the home button or the lock button, but the stuttering and inability to unlock the phone may continue on in this fashion till it randomly allows me to finish the passcode and open my phone. It is very strange and I havent found anything online talking about it. It sometimes will only happen once then let me in but other times it will be caught in a loop of glitching out. Restarting the phone always gets the lock screen stable enough for me to type in the password, but its a pain to have to restart my phone every time I want to unlock my phone. Any thoughts? Is this a virus or malware of some kind? It seems very abnormal, my phone isnt low on memory either so I assume it isnt a hard drive over load or something.
    Thanks for reading.

    05-18-2016 01:34 PM
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    05-18-2016 01:56 PM
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    Hi there, I would suggest entering recovery mode and doing a wipe of the cache partition, you will not lose any data doing this.

    And as Tanya said above, sign up for our forums, it's free, and easy!
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    05-18-2016 10:03 PM

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