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    Help please!
    I have an HTC One S (I know is old) that is stuck in boot loop. It is not unlocked or rooted and I have never tried to upgrade to a different software or something like that (I'm not that smart with this things so I have never tried such).
    I have read other comments about how to solve the boot loop problem and I know that I would have to do a factory reset/ clear data but first I would like to save all my data (images, phone numbers, messages).... I tried entering in the recovery mode and the menu has many options (like apply from phone storage/ sd card/ cache) and I don't know which want to choose.
    I thought that by entering the recovery mode I was going to be able to connect my phone to the computer by usb an pull up all my data, but apparently is not that way... what else can I do?
    please please help
    05-18-2016 06:02 PM

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