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    I want to back up every friggin' thing on my phone. I've (probably bad choice of programs) copied facebook data I want with scrapbook squares of data. Of course, now my phone is too full. I have a 32 SM to put the data on. I don't see how to put Scrapbook on the SD and re-organize the pictures around on it or to put folders or categories of Scrapbook data on SD and control by program on phone. (I also have a tiny bit of other games-not-brought-back-over-to-play on SD. I don't know anything about anything like this, though I was a systems administrator, several database types admin, etc., more on development and mngmt of large systems type. Just have no instruction at all.
    05-18-2016 10:38 PM
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    You put files on the card. Find the file, copy it to the card and if you can read it from the card, delete it from internal storage. (If you Move it to the card, and the move goes bad, you can lose the original AND the copy. If you copy first, the worst you can lose is the copy. You can then copy the original again.)

    (If the "scrapbook" is just a collection of pictures, copy the entire folder (that's what the scapbook will be) - but you have no control of the order you'll see the pictures in, they're in the order that sit in the directory. (some display apps have a "sort" method, some don't.)
    05-18-2016 11:33 PM

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