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    My company uses a YSoft SafeQ print solution. This means that we have one printer that can be used with NFC.

    We can eother use a stand alone NFC chip that we can stick to whater we want, or we can use our phones with built in NFC funtionality.

    I discovered the problem when I was to register my phone (Nexus 6P) on the printer. When I scanned my phone, I got logged in as a coworker. I was supposed to get a dialog box up to enter a activation code from the printer software solution.

    My coworker was aware of the problem and told me it had to do with the code in the firware on the NFC in the phone.

    This means that most new phones has the same code, and only one person will be able to utilize the solution with a mobile phone.

    Why is it like this? Can it be solved with software, or is it like a MAC adress?

    Kindly regards
    IT Worker
    05-19-2016 04:49 AM
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    1. It's hard-wired.

    2. It's not a problem, since NFC is such short range that the 2 devices have to be nearly touching. If you're getting greater range than that, it's probably not using NFC.
    05-24-2016 02:57 PM

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