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    I have a tmobile galaxy s5, just got it. I've searched these forums extensively and found S4 users fixing this problem by turning off a setting that is not present on the S5. If it were just the ringtone volume or just the media volume turning down I could deal with it, but I'm starting to lose it here.

    I've tried installing volume control app by neotroken and also disable increasing ring app since I heard that disa long that feature helps in some cases. I've also tried factor reset and I clear cache more than twice a day. I alsotried rooting phone and then installing xposed but I'm a noob and soft bricked this phone, luckily I nerded out for a day and was able to flash the stock tmobile rom. Therefore, I think warranty is voided. Additionally, I've disabled all unnecessary apps.

    What's most irritating is that most of the time the phone fights with me--I can't just turn it back up, it will keep turning it back down, like there's a little troll behind the screen taunting me. It usually happens when I open a new app or actually dare to use me phone, other times just randomly. Just now my ringer was one but the phone turned it to vibrate . . . soon it will turn it to silent.

    If I use pandora, facebook, YouTube or anything with sound, the media volume turns itself down, with and without headphones plugged in.

    Anyone have same problem? I'm hoping marshmallow android update fixes this, but since we don't know when tmobile will release I can't wait nor can I bet on that fixing it.

    Please help! I'm going nuts!
    05-22-2016 02:05 AM

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