1. AC Question's Avatar
    Weird things have happened to my Galaxy S5 lately when I charge my phone when the power is still on. First my SD Card deleted itself (my sister's did this a month before mine.) and just today I plugged in to charge with the power on and there's a bright green streak that hurt's my eyes to even look at. Is my phone faulty? I am considering not purchasing Samsung's anymore. My S3 started having issues before my two year contract was up, and now my S5 months before my contract expires. I'm pretty fed up at this point. Does anyone have any clue how I can fix these two issues? My SD Card looks blank on a computer as well.
    05-22-2016 09:11 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, it definitely sounds like a damaged screen / phone - have you considered taking it to a repair shop to have someone look into it?
    05-23-2016 05:36 AM

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