1. AC Question's Avatar
    Ever since the last Samsung update my galaxy s6 has been changing it's self to volume when I have it set to silent.

    I have uninstalled any battery saving apps that I had that could potentially be causing this problem and it is still occuring.

    I'll set my phone to silent, set it down and about 10 minutes later I'll get a text or facebook notification and my phone is making sound again.

    Anyone have this problem or have the solution to this problem?

    Thanks in advanced!

    05-23-2016 08:26 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, are you sure the whole device is on silent / vibrate - have you turned the volume rocker right down to the bottom until it vibrates in your hand? on the notification panel can you see that the phone has went onto vibrate / silent?
    06-02-2016 05:04 AM
  3. soccachik5's Avatar
    Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one having this problem! I came here specifically to ask for help with this.

    Mine started after the last update, also, and I've noticed that a possible trend with my phone is that I'll watch a video, answer a phone call, play a game––anything that requires volume of sorts––and my phone will take itself off of vibrate and turn it on the lowest volume setting. Like you, I've had it happen where I'll turn the volume completely off, and the phone will ring (very quietly) within a short time if I get a phone call. It's so frustrating!

    I have a widget that visually shows me what the active volume levels are for each type, and it more often than not will show that my ringer volume is not on vibrate anymore. I've uninstalled it to see if it was being buggy and causing this issue, but it's not the cause. I booted my phone up in safe mode, and it wasn't a problem––so I'm trying to uninstall all media and game apps to see if one of them is provoking this.
    06-02-2016 02:30 PM

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