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    I took a trip out of the Country where I took a took of photos and videos. When I cam back I plugged the phone into my PC to extract those photos/videos. For some reason, I am only able to see the photos/videos from before and after the trip. None of the ones from during the trip are available. It is basically some photos from the day before I left on the trip, then ones I took when I was back (note: I did switch SIM cards when I was on the trip). When I view on the phone I see everything, it is just plugged into the PC that I can not find these photos/videos.

    Any ideas on how I can copy these off without uploading to Google Drive?

    I also tried the build in windows extract photos/videos from the 5x, but all that did was grab a bunch of files from the apps I have installed, along with the photos/videos I was already able to access
    05-24-2016 04:17 PM

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