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    Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Android Version: 5.1.1

    For some reason, my device has lost all of its learned words, and it won't re-learn them.

    If I type the word manually, I see the check mark appear to indicate I want the phone to remember the word, it will succeed and remember it. But only while that particular app (e.g. the default messaging app "Messages") is open. If I close the app, and re-open it, it will have lost any/all words I added. Admittedly all of the words I'm trying to add are swear words. It seems to remember worthless BS that I typo just fine!

    etc.. etc..

    Was there some change in a recent update that prevents swear words from being added to the dictionary? I've searched the internet and have only found solutions for older phones on older versions of android, and none of them worked.
    05-24-2016 05:30 PM

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