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    I have a lg volt running android 4.4.2. Whenever I unmounted the sd card and remount it, the apps on the sd card always say "application is not installed" afterwards and it basically doesn't exist any more. Rebooting doesn't solve it. I make sure to safely unmount, and I check with chkdsk and nothing gets corrupted in the card. When I remount, I get a bunch of com. files with no thumbnail. For example: com.frogmind.badlands. I've tried looking everywhere for solutions, but nothing works.

    This is obviously a big problem because whenever I have to remove the sd card, I have to reinstall all the apps in my sd card, and I lose all my progress in all the apps. Is there any way that I can restore these apps, or stop this from happening?

    Is this supposed to happen? I suspect the reason why it's doing this is because when I move an app to the sd card, it doesn't move all of the files, and the phone sees those apps with the missing files and figures that it must be corrupt.

    I also have a samsung galxy s4 with an sd card, which I will be sending back for a replacement later this year because of faulty flaws. I'm wondering if it will work if I remove the sd card and put it into the new phone, will it work? I haven't tried to remove the sd card on that phone because I'm afraid the same thing happening to this phone will happen to that one
    05-25-2016 09:48 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The files on the card, when you "move" an app to the card, won't have nice names, they're just spaces on the card reserved so as not to be used. Android isn't designed to run apps from the card (and most of them won't run from it). Since the apps aren't in the card's directory, there's no protection for them.

    Swapping a card with apps from one phone to another won't work - the phone has pointers to where on the card the pieces of "moved" apps are. The new phone won't have any such pointers. Will moving apps from the new phone to the card work? Maybe. But if they're apps that shouldn't get moved, you may have the same problems you have now.
    05-26-2016 01:47 AM

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