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    So me, my mother, and my sister all recently got Samsung Galaxy s3 phones on a plan that we all share. My sister and my mother both can see emojis, even though they're black and white. My phone can't. I don't care what the emojis look like, I just want to see them. My mother and I got our phones at the exact same time. I've reset my phone and tried to activate "smileys" though the settings, but I could not find anything.

    Guys, I was super excited to finally move up to a smart phone and be able to use emojis after 6 years of having crappy Walmart phones. Again, they don't have to be color... I just don't understand why my mom's and my sister's phones can do it but mine can't. I know it's stupid to be upset about, but I was really pumped. Any suggestions?

    Note: I am also not tech savvy at all.
    05-27-2016 10:11 AM

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