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    Hey Guys !
    Like a week ago i got a new update for my samsung galaxy s5 and it got updated succesfully and i was pretty happy about the result of overall perfomance and all that ...

    When i got updated to this version in my notification bar at a starting point i didn't have quick settings options i just had time,date and light config bar and below i had my normal notification and all that . i thought that maybe because it is a new version or something i had to re-activate the quick settings option but before i did anything i just got this message prompt up ( "Settings app has stopped working " ) i thought maybe the phone is bugged or something similar and i should just restart it so i did after it the message was prompted again but i could open setting like normally but whenever i try to re-activate quick setting option it just stop .

    I would include some images but as they aren't allowed i can't include them in this post . i hope u understand enaff with the text.

    Thank you for taking your time , I hope to get some solution soon because it's getting really annoying to have to set everything from settings app.
    05-27-2016 02:09 PM

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