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    I noticed an issue yesterday where I had received a voicemail with my phone ringing or getting a notification for a missed call. I thought it was strange, so I pulled out my battery and SIM card, and let it sit for a few minutes before putting them back in. After powering the device on, I tried to make a call, but after about 20 seconds of silence, the call was dropped. I did some digging around on some forums but was unable to find a solution. Finally, I broke in and started a live chat with a Verizon representative. He poked around for a bit, but was unable to find a solution and concluded that I would have to get a new phone. Unfortunately, my warranty expired nearly a year ago, and I cannot afford a new phone at this point. I am posting this here as a last ditch effort to try and fix this issue. If you have any ideas, please share them with me.

    Here is everything that I know at this point:
    1. Restarting my phone did not correct the issue
    2. Removing the battery and SIM card did not correct the issue
    3. Verizon coverage in my area is up and running
    4. Airplane mode is turned off
    5. I typically have between 2 and 3 bars of 4G
    6. Restarting the phone in safe mode did not correct the issue
    7. I attempted to make a call a few miles away from home this morning and it rang once before the call was dropped (it was not ringing at all last night)
    05-27-2016 02:18 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums! You've tried pretty much everything short of a factory reset. You could try using that SIM card in a different phone and using a borrowed card in your phone. That could give you more clues of where the problem is. Tell us how it goes
    05-27-2016 03:27 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Or you could bring the phone to a Verizon company store (not a little independent dealer) and have their tech people (usually in the back) check it. It could be a bad SIM card, it could be the settings on your account or it could be the phone app. (It's not the phone in general - text and voice use the same parts of the phone.)
    05-27-2016 03:30 PM

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