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    I recently purchased a Galaxy S7 after owning an iPhone 5S for a couple years. I love my new Android, but am disappointed in one thing the iPhone seems to have over my Galaxy: on my iPhone, I could fully customize notifications for every single app. I could set a different sound for each one and select how I wanted to receive notifications for each app: banner on the lock screen, sound, vibration, banner on the app icon, etc.
    My Galaxy seems very limited by comparison--I have to set one default sound for all apps, which is annoying because I like assigning a different sound so I don't need to look at my screen to know which app has a new notification. I also can't figure out how to customize how each app shows its notifications, which is also inconvenient. For some apps, I want a lock screen notification, while on others I only want a banner on the app icon.
    The Galaxy seems like it has so many things the iPhone doesn't have, so why doesn't it offer something as simple and useful as fully customizable notifications? Let me know if my phone really is capable of this, and I've just failed to find it. Thanks!!
    05-27-2016 01:30 PM
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    Check in the apps themselves. I have 4 email accounts in my Gmail app, each with a different notification sound and vibrate can be turned on or off for each account also. Location of the lock screen notification settings on your phone will differ from those on my phone as I don't have a Samsung but on my phone I can set each app to hide the content of notifications on the lock screen if I want to.
    05-27-2016 01:49 PM
  3. rossrour25's Avatar
    I have the exact same issue I'm scratching my head how simple apple notifications are but andriod seem to lack the customisation, or am I missing something??
    08-18-2016 03:48 PM

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