1. AC Question's Avatar
    I just got a Samsung Galaxy Prime. I only have a 1GB plan so I do not want to use up data when not on wifi. But if I turn off I can't receive text pictures to download. How to receive the photos? Also, how to turn off any background apps to not use up my data plan?

    Thank you very much for any answers
    05-27-2016 03:06 PM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    Texts with photos are MMS, MMS requires data to be on in order to receive them. Not a whole lot you can do, the bits need a path to your phone, your data plan provides that.
    05-27-2016 03:13 PM
  3. Nanamomlynn's Avatar
    So there is no way to get photos without having data on? Can I leave off then turn on later to download? What about background apps will it drain the data plan? One more question, does having the pictures texted drain the plan also?

    Thank you so very much for your response!!
    05-27-2016 04:09 PM
  4. Tim1954's Avatar
    You can set phone up not to download files in mms settings, then download the pics when you are on wifi.
    Nanamomlynn likes this.
    05-27-2016 06:55 PM
  5. Nanamomlynn's Avatar
    Thank you
    05-31-2016 11:16 PM

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