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    Hi all,

    My picture gallery stopped showing an album icon, and picture icons last week. I have several thousand pics and videos, split into about 30 albums. They have been on there for ages, on a 64g SD card.

    All I get now are black boxes for all the albums. I will click on one, and get black icons for all the pics in the album. When I click on the pics, I can see them individually.

    I upgraded to a higher quality SD card, and the problem still exists. My card is 64g, with 20g remaining. This problem happens with the droid gallery app, and with 3rd party app I use. Pics are in the dcim folder.

    Tech support said to start deleting a ton of stuff, which I can't (need these on the phone).

    As I said, this just started happening last week.

    Hopefully there is help out there??

    Thanks much..
    05-27-2016 03:40 PM

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