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    While I was at work, my phone decided to update of its own accord and - I think - consequently drained its battery so that the update was interrupted as the phone rebooted. When I re-charged it and tried to turn it on, it became stuck on the LG screen. Taking the battery out and powering on meant that it would come up with a message saying it was optimising apps (as usual after an update) but once again stuck on the screen after this.

    I factory reset the phone and lost all of my settings. I've now found that the phone will not connect to LG Bridge, despite using it without problems before. It says I must download PC Suite, which I understand to be the software designed for slightly older phones. Bridge was intended for my G4, and I want to use it - especially because it has a back up feature I might be able to use to claw back some of my lost data. Does anyone know how I can return to using Bridge?

    05-29-2016 09:11 AM
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    Bring it to your carrier, explain that for some reason the battery ran out during an update (that you never authorized, which is why you didn't check the battery state), and would they please reflash the update. Either you or they have to do it - there aren't any G4 files floating around on the internet for just the update, as far as I know. (Someone in the G4 section of XDA Forums may know of one.)
    05-29-2016 07:18 PM

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