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    That's basically the question ..

    it just happened suddenly .. i've been using this phone for almost a year and just last week ,for some reason , the battery started getting depleted rapidly . like , the battery is 10x less efficient than it used to be .

    -For example , my battery was on 70% charge when i started sleeping . I knew it was depleting fast so i put on the Ultra Power Saving mode . 9 hours later , The battery was LITERALLY 0%.

    I'm just gonna provide you with things i did relevant to this problem:
    -I have rooted my phone around a month ago ( the moment i rooted the phone , there were no problems at all)
    -I have downloaded several APKs from the internet
    - I rarely use my phone , so i dont charge it overnight ( in other words , my phone's battery condition should be pretty good )
    -I did system reset several times but nothing has changed

    Thank you so much
    05-30-2016 01:45 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome. Do your battery usage stats indicate anything abnormal?
    05-30-2016 06:00 AM

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