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    I have recently needed to get my S5 replaced by Telstra (heat & reception problems). After transferring 'Most' of my old phones contents over to replacement S5 phone, I then needed to download a few Apps that where missing and (unsure) if Virus via App installation OR whilst on web? This virus TOTALLY takes over ANY web page I try to access rendering my internet useless, AND..... to make it worse it has/was able to transfer to "another" phone (S4) that I also use in what appears to be when I 'Synced' my Phone & gmail/google accounts. NO anti virus I have downloaded even recognises the virus is on my phone?..... NOT SURE if I should attach the URL that I ASSUME is connected with this virus?.....Actually, if I give even SOME of it (the URL it takes me to, & will separate no.s & letters for safety reasons)

    EG starts with the usual h t t (etc) it then has the following no.s & letters (separate again for safety & put '-' between each)......
    9-6-d-f-e-f-c-a (then more no.s & letters and then makes reference to) bunnings & bunnings vouchers .... and has the h-t-m-l after that & references to Samsung galaxy. THEN the next part of the URL is just 100's of letters, no.s and symbols.

    Sorry to do it like that, but safer obviously.

    It ALSO can divert to another page which is what appears to be a "slot machine game" with the no.s 7 7 7 inside the slot machine.
    Sorry so limited info but required for safety.
    This IS one of the worst virus's I have had on ANY of my computers or phones (first on phone)...
    Thanks Tazercrazy
    05-30-2016 09:43 PM
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    Start with the tips here and tell us whether or not they fix it.
    05-31-2016 06:48 AM

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