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    I use 4G connection through my phone as my main internet connection. The problem started today.

    I have called my operator's technical support, and they confirmed that the mast I'm currently connected is working as intended. There are malfunctioning masts in the city i live in, but they are in such distange away that they shouldn't affect me. Signal strength is decent on my phone too(I'm using Mobile signal application to measure it)

    I set cmd to continuously ping and it seems that if I disconnect and reconnect my phone to pc, network connection works normally for few minutes, then it starts to slowdown. The ping to for example drops from about 50 to 800-2000 and download speed on speedtest barely reaches 1mb/s when its normally about 10-20.

    Only abnormal thing to happen to my phone recently is mini usb socket getting a little sand in it. I have cleaned it thoroughly using pressurized air, though I plugged it in one or two times while still had some in it(thats how I noticed it in the first place). There is no visible damage in the microUSB and I can't spot anything wrong in the socket either. Besides, I did speedtest on my computer and the phone itself and both got same results, so I don't think there is a problem with the cable (couldn't test the cable anyway, since I have only one) or the socket. According to techsupport guy I called to, my connection speed was normal about 1500, after which it dropped the connection for a moment or something.

    -I have restarted my phone completely by removing the battery and sim.

    -I have scanned my phone for malware and found nothing

    -I have the most recent updates
    05-31-2016 12:00 PM

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