1. AC Question's Avatar
    When i open my Samsung Tab Pro , the lock screen switches to portrait mode and there's a little tab at the top to drop down a weather feature that was never there before. It switches the tab into portrait mode when i open the cover to view the unlock screen. The unlock screen will show in landscape for about 1 second, and then auto switches to portrait mode. I've become accustomed to opening it in landscape and this is frustrating. I've tried the auto rotate feauture and it doesn't apply to the lock screen. I cant figure out how to either disable or remove this new weather feature of the lock screen. My limited intelligence is exhausted. Any help would be greatly appreciated....
    Thank you..... a.g.
    06-01-2016 05:43 AM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, what was the update that you received? was this a large software update?
    06-08-2016 03:44 AM
  3. squaretiger's Avatar
    Same for me on Xperia Z2 tablet. It's nippy sweeties, can't get it changed back.
    06-09-2016 05:14 PM
  4. charles_lg's Avatar
    If you have clean master installed then:

    1 - Go to "Me"
    2 - Go to "Settings"
    3 - Go to "Weather Information Settings"
    4 - Switch off "Show on locked screen"
    07-13-2016 07:28 AM

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