1. AC Question's Avatar
    Since the last software update my android Samsung 5 is not giving text notifications. It also resets Bluetooth to "Off" repeatedly.
    06-01-2016 09:28 AM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, do you have the correct settings enabled in the notifications? does this happen for all apps or just certain ones?
    06-08-2016 04:18 AM
  3. Knoelle89's Avatar
    I have a galaxy s6 edge and I am having the same issue and it's driving me crazy. All of.my notification settings are right and my volume is up and it's not set to sleep mode or whatever where you don't receive certain notifications..
    I deleted other messaging apps because one post suggested that but it's still not Working! Good to know I am not alone!
    06-18-2016 12:26 PM

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