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    I just got a great deal on an unlocked Verizon lg g4.

    I already have an unlocked tmobile note 3 that I use on straight talk but the phone is a bit worse for wear, hence I'm trying to replace it.

    Will the straight talk Sim from the N3 work on the G4? Can you get 4g LTE speeds?

    Also, I'm moving to canada in a few months...would the G4 work with a Canadian Sim and get 4g LTE?

    Or am I better off returning the LG phone and buying one in canada?

    Please help as I only have 3 days to decide whether to keep the phone.
    06-01-2016 04:00 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    3 days are up and you didn't receive a response, sorry

    what did you do in the end?
    06-08-2016 05:50 AM

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