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    It's a long story because I try to provide as many details as possible.

    I'm migrating from Samsung S3 to a Nexus 5X with a new SIM card and been trying to restore my Whatsapp backup data for more than a day now without success.

    I have about 830MB on the same google drive account being used for WU on the new device but when WU syncs it doesn't take the data from there.

    When I first ran WU on my new Nexus 5X the backup didn't exist on my Google drive and I think this was a major mistake. When I discovered it I changed the account back to my old phone and created the backup on Google Drive.

    I tried the following solutions all unsuccessful:
    1. Uninstall and reinstall WU and try to backup from Google Drive
    2. Uninstall and reinstall WU after I copied the WU folder from the old phone to the new one. In this case I couldn't find the WU folder while browsing Nexus 5x via my laptop so I just copied the complete WU folder from my old phone to the new phone's root directory. While it was copied I force stopped WU and after it finished copying I restarted WU but this didn't work. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled but it didn't help
    3. Clear cache and data from WU via settings, force stop and activate didn't work. It just went back to some minor backup it held in some place I couldn't locate.

    This leads to the second issue. When I browse my Nexus 5 via a laptop I don't see the WU folder. First I thought that maybe it's hidden but this isn't the case.
    I think that maybe if I could find this folder and insert all WU related folders from my old phone my chats and related media will be restored.

    I have to say that for such a simple task WU's support and solutions suck. I see many people complaining about this and can't understand why they do so little to assist.

    I'll be grateful if someone could shed some light on this matter and assist.

    06-02-2016 03:48 PM

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