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    Hello all. I have a Galaxy Note 5 in which I dropped into a swimming pool while on vacation. For days, I tried to dry it out but it appeared that it would never turn back on so I assumed it to be completely dead. About 2 weeks later, I stuck it on a charger at home... no response, no lights, no nothing. I was going to get the phone replaced anyways so it didn't really matter at this point, but I left it on the charger and came back a few hours later and saw that the charging light was on. I messed with the phone for a while and I thought the battery was completely done for, but it seemed to be showing signs of life... I can hear the volume go up and down when I press the buttons, the backlit bottom keys were also coming on, charging indicator works... only problem was, the screen wasn't coming back on.

    I already have my replacement phone and I am supposed to send in this old phone back, but it would be really nice to recover my old data on it. My pictures and app data mostly. I tried plugging it in via USB to my computer, and while my computer detects a Note 5, it says there is nothing to import. I'm not sure if the hard drive is damaged or if I need to "allow" something from my phone before it shows the files, but either way since I can't see the screen, it's hard for me to choose any options. But based off this info, is it even possible for me to recover the data or is it just showing signs of life but there is nothing actually there? Thanks!
    06-03-2016 12:44 AM
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    Ok I skimmed your problem. You won't be able to get any in-depth data from your phone without being able to navigate the screens but there's still a chance you can get maybe more than you think. Just because the screen is blank doesn't mean there's no inputs available. The digitizer is the glass that covers the LCD, what gives you the display, and it's the digitizer that actually takes the input. Provided it's not damaged you may be in luck. Obviously power on the phone, and here's where it may get tricky, you have to unlock the phone. If you're just using a swipe up or slide to unlock things just got easy. If you're using a pattern a little more difficult and a pin a little more. If you're using a password you may still get lucky but it's the hardest of all, but if your replacement is the same model there's hope even there.

    You've unlocked your screen thousands of times trust your instincts and let muscle memory take over. Once unlocked you can tether to a PC and use your folder browser to get any media, files or the like from the device.
    Your contacts are hopefully all in the cloud with either Google or your carrier. Your apps are in the cloud with Google Play. External apps from sources outside of Google will require you to hunt them down again.

    If you're using a password or pin and the new device is the same as the old one simply bring up the unlock screen on the new one and map out your button pressed on the old one. I've seen advice that is as detailed as using a China maker to lay out the keypad before attempting to power up and unlock the old device.

    I wish you the best
    06-03-2016 02:16 AM

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