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    Sorry I'm not sure how to describe it properly (which is probably part of why my searches have turned up nothing).
    So, the problem is like... say I've got the phone in "sleep mode" (as in, when you let it idle until the screen goes dark, or you press the power button on the side once). And then some hours later, I go to use my phone. I press the home or power button, which would normally just light up the screen and let me put in my lock screen password, right? But it doesn't. Instead, it flashes yellow at me (like a solid screen of daisy yellow) for a moment and goes dark again. I wait, press the button again, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. And finally after a few tries my lock screen shows up and it works perfectly fine again. It's pretty much the same if I receive a text -- instead of lighting up the screen, it flashes yellow and goes dark.
    I deleted several things and cleared over 1GB of space on my phone, and I did a virus scan with Avast which came back totally clean. I don't know of anything that might have caused this; it was fine one night, and then started this the next morning. This was about a week ago and since then it's become more common and taking longer (I think) for it to work properly again. I didn't notice any change at all related to removing things. The only thing that seems to affect it is, I've noticed that if I put it down (screen off) and go to use it, say, 10 minutes later, it'll be fine. But if I put it down and go to use it a couple of /hours/ later, that's when it'll start acting funny. It seems to be worse the longer I go without using it -- like if I leave it for a couple hours maybe it'll only do it once or twice, whereas when I leave it overnight it goes on so long I get panicked whether it'll turn back on at all.
    It's also really not an old phone. I think I got it last August. I don't see any other symptoms. In fact, it was really weird -- earlier I wasn't looking and automatically went to put in my password, and the phone did the haptic feedback like usual, but the screen remained dark. Oddly enough, it seemed to register itself as being awake, since I had to press the power button twice to get it to light up again. And as I said, there isn't anything that I see as having potentially preceded it: I haven't dropped it, it hasn't gotten wet, etc.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! If you're not sure what's wrong, I would appreciate if you could at least point me to where I could get it fixed -- can I take it to the Verizon store where I got it? Or would I have to call and send it to the manufacturer (I'm assuming it's still under warranty at less than a year)?
    06-03-2016 04:36 AM

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