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    So I had opened my phone and was on the Internet it was already up because thats the last thing I was on. and i'm not sure what I pressed but i saw the word "forward" pop up on the bottom of the screen and then fade away it was a grey box that said forward. I got nervous because I'm not sure what I did! Does that mean it forwarded something? I was just on some random website. Can somebody help?!? Im really paranoid if i did something. Please help
    06-04-2016 07:21 PM
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    What kind of website was this? Normally, malware and virus sites will send you a big pop up saying, "Warning - you have such-and-such a virus," or "you have X number of threats," and then "download this app in order to correct." So if you hit "forward" and it didn't take you to another screen, and you didn't click "yes," "Ok, "or" I agree" to anything, I wouldn't be as concerned.

    However, if you want to be extra cautious, you could always download an antivirus app on your phone. I use McAfee (it came preloaded onto my phpne) and really like it. Of course, antivirus apps only do so much, but at least it would help you check just to be sure.

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    06-04-2016 07:57 PM

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