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    I recently purchased an LG G4 with Android 6.0. Since it has 32 GB internal memory I'm not using an SD card. I've copied my camera photos from my previous device and also took some photos with the new device. Yesterday I found that all the pictures from DCIM - Camera are lost, both old and new ones. I saw that this is a common issue on Android phones. Does anyone know how to recover them? I do not have any back-up saved
    06-05-2016 07:47 AM
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    Hi, this isn't a common issue among Android phones - I've had countless and it's never happened to me. Folders don't just vanish, something has to have happened to it. Did you move images to it then the problem started? could you perhaps have cut the folder instead of copying it??

    there isn't really much to offer in the way of assistance, try downloading google photos - this will back up all your images / videos. If they're on the phone the app will find them and back them up for you.

    You could go down the road of rooting the device then running some software to retrieve images? A quick Google search will reveal the necessary software to perform this task.
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    06-06-2016 03:04 AM

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