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    My battery levels when charging would never seem to reach 100% or if it did it would drop to 60% when unplugged but then drop more or raise higher depending on how it felt (unplugged mind you) it would then die and turn off so it was always hard to gage the correct levels.

    I tried to do software fixes thinking it was what was causing the batter sync level etc..

    Now it wont charge at all, and when its plugged in the icon thinks it's not and now it wont turn on at all because it drained.

    So here is my question. If its a faulty battery wouldn't it still turn on plugged in (like a laptop with out the battery plugged in) The USB port was never an issue what so ever but I am having second thoughts about buying a new Battery (lucky for me this models battery plugs into the MOBO) if it could be the USB port as well, seeing how there is no power going into the tablet now that its plugged in, but the Battery was acting all screw ball but I have had it hooked up to my PC all the time and it never acted like the cords were lose or ever lost data connections passing through it...

    It just seems that if the battery no longer works or holds any power, being plugged in would at least power on that way, right?

    what do you think?
    06-05-2016 10:15 PM

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