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    Dear Androidpeople,

    Since November, I am the glad owner of the Samsung Galaxy S6. I am a really Samsung fan, I have had the S2, S3, S4 and now the S6. The previous two weeks I had some charging issues. In particular, sometimes I had to plug in the cable three times before it really 'connected' and started charging. I tried it after that with another Samsung cable and this problem was solved. The day before yesterday I was planning to charge my phone and when I attached the cable to the phone it only started to charge after the phone was already 10 minutes connected.

    Till this issues I didn't see that much problems. Every morning my phone was with al my problems, fully charged. Since yesterday, the big problem started. My phone was complete dead/0% battery. I wanted to charge my phone and I got this error: (I got the error in Dutch and tried to translate it, as best as I could)

    "The device is stopped charging. De battery temperature is too high. Be careful with disconnecting your charger. It could be very hot."

    "When you disconnect the charger and reconnect is afterwards, you could possibly proceed charging your phone. If this overheating issue keeps existing, please contact our customer service because of risk of fire and injuries."

    I have never had a problem of this kind. My phone and charger were both fully cold. I spoke with a guy at Vodafone and he told me this should be a case of warranty of Samsung/Vodafone. The problem now is, back-up.

    The device is 0% charged, I could not charge it anymore and when I turned my phone on, it directly turned off. Now did I try to charge it yesterday and last night with multiple chargers. This morning it suddenly was 13% charged. So i quickly ran to my laptop to connect my device with it and start back-upping photos. But after connecting it tries to charge and I get the same error as i mentioned above. If I just look on the device itself every app is blocked for 'safety reasons' except 'Phone' and 'Contacts'. I cannot look into the Gallery, Dropbox or Onedrive. The device connecting with the laptop was not helpful. The laptop does not recognize any phone connected to it. So copying files from the laptop and the phone are not working. It looks the end of the possible solutions but maybe I forgot something.

    Things tried tot fix it:
    - Three different chargers
    - Two different laptops
    - Two different data cables
    - Connecting via power, via laptop via the power bank.
    - Cleared Dalvik Cache.

    When I let him pick up by Vodafone they will try to fix the issue, but I will lose every photo from it. I know I should make a backup earlier. But that is talking now. Is there maybe one solution, one clever thing, one special tweak I could do to save my photo? Or should I start my grieving process?
    06-06-2016 04:57 AM

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