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    So I've recently factory reset my Galaxy S7 edge and my internet has been very VERY intermittent. Download speeds, for the most part have been hovering around 50-100kbps (I am supposed to be getting 50mbitps). Supposedly there is some sort of noise interference issue going on in the area which is why the connection is so poor. At times when I was downloading and restoring my phone to it's default state, I had to restart the router multiple times in order to get connected again.

    So being as paranoid as I am, I'm afraid that my device has thus downloaded corrupted data? Is this possible? I feel like since the connection has been so intermittent, that packets of data may have been corrupted during the download process and there may be corrupted files in my system now? Is it possible? Also with large games (like Real Racing 3) upon downloading a large amount of game data, I noticed how the download completed upto 1.7GB (with multiple internet drop-outs) out of 1.9GB only to stop completely and start from 0 again. This surely is a sign that the game detected the presence of corrupted files so deleted the 1.7GB of corrupted data to start a fresh, right?

    Also one more question, as I was downloading these large files (altogether 20GB worth of apps and data installed) I noticed my device was getting hot, is this normal? (I was switching every 2-3 minutes between the 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band since the connection would drop out every 2-3 minutes). I (unknowingly )suspected, at the time, that the internet problem may be due to my Galaxy S7 edge so I continuously (every 3-4 minutes) switched the WiFi on my phone off and then on again, will this damage the WiFi module in my new phone?

    Please help! I'm just getting too paranoid!
    06-06-2016 09:08 PM
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    Its Possible, but not probable, that your files will be corrupted, I would not worry too much about that. As far as getting hot, well because the radios are working overtime, it will get warm. If you start experiencing lag or video tearing, then there might be an issue.

    Before downloading any large games/files....be sure to turn your phone off, then back on, as this will refresh your device. You can also do a wipe of the cache partition through recovery...I do this once a week.

    Hope this helps!
    06-06-2016 10:01 PM

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