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    I have a brand new Motorola Moto X Play upgraded to Android Marshmallow, and I purchased a Samsung Evo Plus SD card.

    I have set the SD card to act as Internal Storage.

    Everything works fine and the phone recognizes and uses the SD card as it is supposed to. I can store media there or use it to install apps.

    However, every time I turn on my phone, I get an initial message saying "SD card is missing. Reinsert this device." But then the message vanishes, and the phone boots up with no problem.

    So I think the phone eventually recognizes the SD card. But it bugs me every time I see that error message. It tells me that something, somewhere is wrong, and I'd like to fix it.

    I've done a variety of things:

    - reformat of the SD card
    - ejecting the SD card and mounting it again
    - full factory reset of the phone with reinstallation of all the apps
    - moving apps from phone memory to the SD card and back again

    But none of this changed anything. I still get the error message every time I turn on my phone.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

    Thanks for your help.
    06-08-2016 03:44 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The phone looks for the card before it initializes the interface, so it doesn't find the card. I'd bring it to the carrier and ask them to reflash the Marshmallow update.
    06-10-2016 03:39 PM

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