1. AC Question's Avatar
    My blu pure xl keeps shutting off on its own, and would not turn on unless its plug in. Once boot up it it would shut down again. I did a hard reset, cache partition wipe yet the problem remains.
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    06-08-2016 10:10 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, sounds like the phone has some internal issue, which we wouldn't know. Probably best to take it to a repair shop and have a professional look at it?
    06-09-2016 01:45 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The battery might be failing. That would still require a repair shop, as suggested by the tall guy.
    06-09-2016 08:56 PM
  4. tj green's Avatar
    Did you find a solution?
    08-06-2016 08:45 AM
  5. Carrie Lord's Avatar
    I just started having this problem and I contacted blu so they did a master reset and my phone is still doing the same thing they said if I send my phone to them they would have it for 15-20 days that's a problem I need my phone fixed or a new one but I don't have a replacement phone this phone was pretty expensive to be doing this and I've only had the phone for 7 months so do anyone have a solution for this phone I did love the phone until this.
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    09-22-2016 07:29 PM
  6. Snowdrifft1's Avatar
    I feel your pain my Blu is also doing this. I am so frustrated! I baby this thing. I already had it fry my memory chip deleting all my contacts and pictures. I spent a lot of money on a piece of crap. It is to bad to I like helping start up companies get a foot in the door but the product is bad and I can't say anything nice about it. Going to buy some other phone it wont be a Blu.
    06-21-2017 08:45 PM

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