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    Each time I switch it on I get a "Reset your device" message. My phone book was stored onto the phone, not the sim card.
    Is there any way of rescueing my list of phone contacts before I press the 'reset device' icon????
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    06-09-2016 06:49 AM
  2. H3aTeRzz's Avatar
    Only if you had google account set to back up your data. If not, then there's no way to recover them.

    Try this first:

    Enter recovery (if possible) and see if you have the option to wipe Cache Partition, then reboot, see if that might clear it. Worth a shot.

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    06-09-2016 06:59 AM
  3. Degener84u's Avatar
    sometimes contacts automatically save to sim. you can check there to see..might work.
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    06-09-2016 05:31 PM
  4. evsnm's Avatar
    This happened to me today. Instead of resetting, I turned off the phone and let it sit for an hour while I ran some errands. Then I turned it on and it booted up fine.
    07-15-2016 10:01 PM

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