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    related to http://forums.androidcentral.com/motorola-droid-turbo/594387-nfc-icon-no-longer-appears-status-bar.html

    The rather ugly NFC icon which has annoyed and puzzled many high end device owners for a few years now denoting that NFC was switched on would show on the status bar.

    For a function which many seldom used it was often considered a tad excessive.

    Now that Android Pay and Samsung Pay which depend upon NFC are starting to be much more generally adopted by major high street banks, NFC finally has a regular widespread use which is likely to increase exponentially.

    I work at the head office of a major UK high street bank. I deal all day long with fraud, fraudulent transactions appearing on accounts, risk and security concerns.

    Finally, that arguably ugly N icon serves a useful, purpose - a vital purpose even - in enabling device users to confirm at a glance that NFC is switched on so they are able to make contactless payments with their devices, potentially without getting a choice in the matter, so long, currently, as their device is unlocked. It's also useful for those wishing to minimalise unnecessary battery drain.

    A number of android device users (I'm aware to date that this includes certain models of Galaxy Note, Xperia Z, Droid Turbo, Galaxy S4 but I'm sure that there are many others) who have reported that although NFC is switched ON, the icon is no longer presented on the status bar at the top of the phone display. They don't even get to choose whether to display the icon or not - the icon is simply not displayed.

    It is my personal opinion that this constitutes a security risk, and that there is a risk of financial loss, and potentially a data security risk.

    I believe that it's important that now that NFC has actually found a highly practical and desirable regular daily use for android device owners, this icon should be displayed so that people using Android Pay and Samsung Pay are aware that their payment system is ON, or at the very least, they should get the choice about whether they wish to know the functionality is fully active by seeing the icon at a glance.

    Sadly, some manufacturers, including Samsung, in an exercise of perversity, have decided that this is the perfect moment to STOP displaying this ugly icon which for many served precious little function but which android device owners have been glaring at for the last four years or so - just when it's becoming arguably important or even vital, for the first time ever.

    Yes, it's possible to find out the long way round by diving into settings by whatever method you choose to check to see whether NFC is enabled or not but I still consider the removal of this icon at this critical juncture in the desired adoption by major banks of contactless payments such as Android Pay and Samsung Pay is a poorly timed, unwise move and I am confident that it WILL be presented as another excuse by some banks to decline to support for facility on the grounds of questionable operational security, again, just when Samsung and Google are trying to get the banks on board with their plans.

    Ok, the real reason the banks will resist adoption of these payment services will be that they are too stingy to spend money updating their banking software systems to enable these additional payment methods unless they see major customer migrations to banks who DO adopt these payment services, but a good excuse is a good excuse.

    I’m sure that many people in both technology and financial industries, not to mention wannabe users of these flashy contactless payment methods will be interested to see pros and cons of the services and operational concerns. This is one of mine.

    Wonder what you guys think.

    Sorry if I write like I’ve swallowed an encyclopaedia, I talk like this too It’smy nature.
    06-10-2016 03:42 PM
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    My understanding is that Samsung Pay tries MST first and if no response then activates NFC and tries that. User intervention is not needed to turn NFC on when using Samsung Pay.
    06-10-2016 04:51 PM

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