1. karelseb007's Avatar
    Hello, I have asked before ca. 2 hours for help with installing ROMs. I have Gigabyte Gsmart Aku A1 and my problem is, that I can´t install ANY rom on my phone.
    I think TWRP has wrong installed the original ROM, because the hardware doesn´t work properly. For example I can´t recive GPS signal or send text messages. I have tried to fix gps over MTK engineering mode (there are many settings for MTK chipset) or install EPO manually, but nothing helped. And I have also tried wipe all data or format internal memory, but nothing worked also. If I could unlock bootloader, I think I could install it, but I don´t know, how I have to do it on my phone.
    Thanks for all help,
    06-12-2016 11:03 AM

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