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    Okay so basically I obtained a folder within the google Drive app associated with my boyfriends phone, by selecting the option to 'share' the folder previously mentioned with myself via Gmail.. Upon clicking the attachment in my inbox, i opted to 'open the attachment using Google Drive' which is now available to me in my: Shared with me folder. There are several sub folders within the original folder, one of which is named: "KeepSafe". inside that folder there is an abundance of files ending in the format: ".Jpg.KSD" Each of which depict an image of a blue crown. I've come to the understanding that I do not currently have an application that supports this format, and given the fact that I do not know the email address or password to the account that these files were originally associated with, Im guessing that its fairly unlikely that downloading the "KeepSafe" app wouldn't do me much good at all.. I must have spent hours now scouring the internet for possible solutions to my dilemma, but I've had no such luck. So my question to you all is: theoretically speaking, how would one hope to convert, decrypt, and download these types of files so that one may ultimately be able to open, view, and Save them, decrypted, to a different cloud storage account or even just onto my Android operating system, all while using that same Android device to perform the entire operation..? (PREFERABLY IN AN EXPLANATION CONSIDERED TO BE RELATIVELY EASY TO COMPREHEND)
    Please get back to me on this if you can as soon as possible! I will be forever grateful and appreciative for any and all help I can receive in regards to this matter.

    Thank you
    06-14-2016 02:26 PM

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